Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm BaaAAck...

I laugh in the face of any illness that tries to keep me down! However, most of you can attest to how disgustingly pathetic I am when I am sick - I champion above the germs and show them who is boss (after about 5 days...).

So, yeah, that was no fun. But it's over, for the most part, just in time for me to enjoy my most hated holiday ever. Lately, I've told a lot of things that they can suck it and I truly, truly mean it when I advise V-day to do so. This year, V-day, the joke is on YOU. That's right. I have a date.

Don't sound so shocked, V-day, you knew that sooner or later this girl would get a date, right? My date is tall & beautiful with dark hair and knows me inside and out. My date knows how to make me laugh and can comfort me, regardless of my mood. My date has seen me through some hard times, but has also been there to share in my many joys. My date is a girl.

No, I haven't turned Lesbo (regardless of that super-fly sweatshirt I am now in possession of), Liz and I have just decided that we are not going to let our single girl status prevent us from having a fabulous time out on the town. Besides, I've already promised myself to Jennie if I ever decide (or am forced) to switch teams.
Liz and I are basically dating, anyway, so it was only fitting that we are each other's valentines. And I do have to say that this is the first V-day I've been looking forward to in to a looong time. Not only do I know that I am going to have a lovely evening out with someone I love, I don't have to shave!

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