Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ghetto Fabulous (skinny) Mocha Latte

I recently nixed my Coffee Mate Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer from my diet because it had 50 calories per 4 tsp (TEASPOON!!!!!!!) serving. That's whack.

Anyway, so I started using a combination of Splenda mixed with a little bit of dry non-fat milk. This does the trick and is yummy! HOWEVER I just stumbled upon a delicious mix for a ghetto fabulous mocha latte, starbucks style!

One packet of sugar free hot cocoa mix
non-fat dry milk



Enjoy and You're Welcome.


Sairen said...

Dude, how much were you heaping in there? Cuz 50 calories per four (FOUR!) teaspoons doesn't seem too bad to me...but hey.
I love your coffee recipe - I do this one all the time. Also try it over ice. Yum!

Natasha said...

Um, A LOT. As the Beastie Boys say "I like my sugar with coffee and cream!"