Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monkey Paw

Last Friday there was "Battle of the Rock Bands" at my work. Those who know me know that I detest video games in almost every manifestation, so Rock Band isn't really my cup of tea. BUT, being a groupie totally is. My obvious loyalty fell to Tam Tam and her band, Monkey Paw.

They rocked out (with their MMMMHMMMM's out) to Epic by Faith No More, and while they didn't come in first, they're still number 1 in some one's heart.....

That's right. I made signs. 3, to be exact. The others said "I "heart" Tammy" and "Respect the [hand drawn sketch of monkey paw]." The "Marry Me Monkey Paw" sign garnished the most laughs as no one seemed to be able to tell the sketch was of a Monkey Paw. Most every one thought it was a tail and one guy thought it was a tornado. They, obviously, can't recognize great artistic interpretations. Weak.

But on a different note, WTF kind of face am I making in that picture?

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Stevester said...

"Dude, you guys changed people's LIVES tonight!" Pizza guy, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny

my security word is "rexpu", what the hell is that?!