Monday, February 16, 2009

Meeting Afentra was the BEST part.

If I'm not listening to NPR, I'm listening to 96.5 The Buzz and while I like the afternoon guy... I LOVE AFENTRA, the morning personality (and coincidentally, the afternoon guy's wife). I've loved Afentra since she first showed up in KC around 10 years ago. This rough-around-the-edges Greek was my kind of girl. She's bossy, vulgar & entirely politically incorrect. Love.

I've wanted to be her friend for a long time. Image my opportunistic elation when I found out a friend/acquaintance of mine knows her! This could be my way in (Sarah - this should in no way reflect negatively on my genuine fondness of you... regardless of your Afentra Status), finally after years of dreaming and hoping from afar, I have an inside man.

Fast forward to Friday night. "Afentra's VD Party" is her annual (free) Valentines day concert and Liz and I went. First thing first: Major sausage-fest. CHA-CHING! But, that's not even the best part. Liz and I find our corner and start on our beers (Actually, "continue" rather than "start" since we started at my apartment and had a nice buzz even before we got downtown. Don't worry mom, we took a taxi). The concert was held at the Historic Midland theater, and it is a fucking beaut. There were so many works of art and pretty rooms and fixtures to look at, but that's not even the best part.

The concert was getting close to over and I hear HER voice. I knew she was close, so I scanned the crowd looking for my Greek Goddess. When my eyes fell on her, I knew that the wait had been worth it. She is beautiful and looks like she would have no problem kicking my ass.

I wish I could remember everything that happened!!!!!!!

What I DO remember is going up to her and demanding her attention. I started in on my undying love for her and how much I want to be her friend and I couldn't shut up. I wanted to shut up, I knew that I should have probably stopped talking right after I said "HI!" but NOOOOOOOOO I kept going on and on about I don't even remember what. Towards the end I think I was just shouting random words like "Half-Iranian!!!" and "Blog!" The poor dear was trying to get away but I had PHYSICALLY LATCHED myself to her arm and wouldn't let go.

I would be upset, but this was the best part of the entire evening. And that's saying something since the evening didn't end until 4AM. Liz and I broke lots of hearts, met lots of cool chicks (A shout out to Linda & her sister and Bobbi the Flapper!) and accidentally came into possession of some guys anxiety prescription. But, that part wasn't our fault.

Oh, and Sarah - I am SO sorry but I told Afentra that you know me.


rubigimlet said...

ha! i hope you gave her a jihadi trill to rep for the foreign looking chicks. i'm sure she loved you. she's good at getting away when she doesn't want to talk. :)

Natasha said...

That's the ONE thing I didn't do. Damn.