Monday, January 10, 2011


The first major snowfall of the season started falling about 24 hours ago. A fraction of what the Northeast got after Christmas, but still - several inches worth. It's now the fourth week into winter and hibernation is official.

My pantry is stocked. I made an improvised pasta with a couple of quick "how to?" texts to Stef. For example "How do I make a garlic butter sauce for a pasta?" Her response was to basically melt the butter and then to saute some garlic in it. It's basic cooking skills or inherited knowledge (whichever it is) like this that I lack, but BY GOD I will learn to cook.

Anyway, my dinner was tasty and I've been holed up in my apartment for 25.5 hours and really don't want to leave until Orchestra starts back up on Thursday. Thanks to the stocked pantry and a pretty sweet gig that allows me to be able to do my job from home, I think that is a very possible, probable and guaranteed possibility. The only thing that will, undeniably, be my breaking point is cabin fever.

Actually, what might get me out is to go to the gym. I might have to brave the cold to go get my sweat on. On the other hand, I think Sammy has the right idea here...

Hibernation is all about sleeping and staying warm. That could be a bear in cave or old cat in front of the space heater, the principle is the same and the only thing I want to do right now. That and eating my pasta.

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