Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I hosted an impromptu new years eve gathering. A small handful of us had no set plans, really, so I made a few snacks and bought a couple bottles of champange and invited them to ring in the new year with me. This way I got to drink and be merry in my own home AND claim title to having thrown at least 2 New Years parties in less than one calendar year.

The Iranian new year is celebrated on the first day of Spring. Makes a little more sense if you think about it - new life, end of winter.... earth awakening.... but whatever - celebrating it in the dead of winter if fine too. I guess it doesn't really make that big of difference, especially in Kansas City. I mean, this past spring - the day of my party, we got 8 inches of snow. And just this past Thursday (new years eve eve) there was a high of 61 degrees. That's Kansas City weather for ya.

I'm officially out of material when I've succumbed to talking weather on my blog. Happy New Year (if you celebrate this one).

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Megan Channell said...

there is NOTHING wrong with discussing the far as I'm concerned...;)