Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's hard to crochet a scarf and watch an Italian Opera. It would be easy to listen to one while working on a scarf, but watching it means glancing up often enough to read the sub titles. Never the less, I was able to multi-task and make progress on a new scarf featuring a brand new stitch (to me) - the DOUBLE crochet - and watch Don Pasquale on PBS.

If being a dork was an Olympic sport then I'd be a contender for the gold.

I started on a new scarf because I finished Stef's scarf. Now, you might remember that I made Stef a scarf 2 years ago, but in true Stef fashion she lost it while volunteering with her AmeriCorp troop last winter at a homeless shelter. For whatever it's worth, even though she did lose it, I hope it's keeping someone warm.

She came over and picked out the buttons and now all I have to do is sew them on.
Maybe I can do that tomorrow during The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

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