Monday, March 7, 2011

Natasha Max

If you're like me, then when you get a new pair of gym shoes you also get a, potentially dangerous, sense of "super workout immortality" when you first break them in. Somehow, to me, new kicks means that I can run harder, faster, longer than ever before. I can double my pull-ups, push-ups, squats and lunges. I even agreed to do another half marathon with Amy.

With my new Nike Air Max trainers I was Queen of the gym, supreme leader of the treadmill and the Benevolent overlord of the dumb bells.

Until the very next morning when I woke up sore ALL over with no less than 2 pulled muscles. And shin splints. And shin splints on top of my shin splints. Damn you new shoes for making me feel invincible and "in shape." Never once did my feet hurt! I thought that running that extra mile wouldn't be no big thang.

I find some small consolation in the fact I got the sneakers for over $90 off the original price. TAKE THAT RETAIL. Now pardon me while I go ice and wrap my legs.

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AreYouSureThatsVegan said...

Oh that was way harsh but its good to be upfront!