Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tonight marks the beginning of Norooz (Iranian New Year) which you do, naturally, by jumping over a fire. I'm stuffed full of Iranian desserts (mmmmmmbaklava) and smell like camp fire. I also learned a naughty word tonight in Farsi which sounds a lot like "cous cous" but smells ENTIRELY different.

But before I did all that I went and bought my aunt flowers for her birthday. I was standing in line behind an older man who was buying 20 pounds of assorted meats, several bags of carrots and 4 heads of cabbage. I was trying to not look at the raw, red meat (or imagine what kind of damage that amount of cabbage could cause) when I saw a flash of green by the man's foot. He had dropped a few folded bills.

Daddy Warbucks hadn't noticed that he dropped the cash, I went to pick them up I noticed that all three were HUNDIES!!! Holy shit. $300. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. WHY did he have to be standing right there??? I handed him the bills and he was beside himself.

He, obviously, didn't realize that he dropped the dough and thanked me again and again. When he was done checking out he shoved $5 in my hand and wouldn't let me NOT take it, though I told him it was "absolutely unnecessary."

So I'm five bucks richer now. Thanks Old Guy from the grocery store!!! This SO kicks the Aldi's shopping carts ass.

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MerciBlahBlah said...

I need to know the naughty Farsi word NOW. I can always stand to add some foreign language swear words into my vocab.