Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's a Car!

About 4 years ago I rear-ended a Toyota Sienna and totaled my car. I wish I could say that there were circumstances beyond my control that caused the accident but the truth of the matter was that I had looked over my shoulder to change lanes and by the time I looked back the car in front of me had stopped. There wasn't enough pavement for me to brake, though I did try, and I crashed into the mini van.

This has been my only accident (knock on wood) if we don't count all the "learning bumps" I had in The Van. Y'know... like the time you learn how close you can get to the gas pump without rubbing/scrapping up against the yellow cement pillar (the one that protects the ACTUAL pump). Or when you learn that when backing out of a long driveway with a chain link fence on one side you should make sure your side view mirror doesn't snag the fence and pull part of it with you. OR the time you learn that you shouldn't drive on a flat tire.... even if you ARE driving to the tire store... Thankfully I learned all these lessons early.

Anyhoozle, so I'm sitting in my smashed Dodge Neon with tears streaming down my face. This car had been a high school graduation gift and soon I would have to face the reality of a car payment. Later that day, after looking at too many mid-size sedans to count, I was signing the paper work for my new (to me) car. The following day I set up an automatic payment plan through my bank on the 16th of every month for $298.97.

Well cats and kitten... I HAVE PAID OFF MY CAR! As of two week ago I sent in the balance of the loan and am no longer beholden to The Bank. While my peers and contemporaries buy houses, get married and have kids I can prove that I am KIND OF an adult as I proudly show off my car title.

Natasha - you're almost 30, but you're still renting?!?!
That's OK. I own my car.

Natasha - you haven't been in a serious romantic relationship since 2007?!?!

Natasha - tick tock, your eggs aren't getting any younger.
Go fuck yourself.

A co-worker suggested that I get my car waxed and detailed in celebration of this momentous occasion and I dare say that it's a grand idea. I'm also thinking about registering for some car accessories and ask friends and family to buy me gifts since a baby shower isn't in my future.

"Congratulations! It's a Car!" And a bobble head jesus for my dash WILL be on the registry, have no doubt about it.


Megan Channell said...

heehee...I TOTALLY just had a funny idea (to me probably...maybe not to you?).
SINCE, I still have a key to your car, how FUNNY would it be...if one night I took it and parked it someone down the you couldn't see it...APRIL FOOLS! (one day early)

...I hate ACTUAL April Fools I'd rather just tell you about the ones I think of...and then we can laugh about them together...:)

Natasha said...

I would sh!t myself, and then call the cops. Is that what you want for me?

worldamazingfacts said...

ohhh nice carrr