Thursday, March 3, 2011

Model Behavior

Obviously you can see from the flashback pic below, my propensity to work it in front of the camera has been there since the very beginning. It was there before my hair was better than yours. It was there before my hair resembled something tame and "touchable," even. There has always been something about modeling that was fun to me. Striking a pose was just another strange and eccentric part of me.

More recently I've began to weasel myself into the model business. Somehow I convinced Sabrina to let me be her model (actually, she says that no one else is volunteering) and we had a great time on our second outing together. The assignment had something to do with overhangs, or shadows or over cast or aperture. One of those. This is one of my favorites.

More recently I was scouted out by a local designer and she asked me to be a model for her IN A MOTHER FVCKING FASHION SHOW. I teeter between whether the idea is more awesome or more awesomER. I didn't hesitate when she asked me but I did pause when she told me I'd have to go to the Casting Call.

ME. Me who doesn't even come close to being a model type at all.... and forget the "not a size zero" thing for a second... I barley come in at 5 foot 5 inches... went to a casting call. YES... it was as funny as I'm sure you're imagining it right now. I was slightly above "mother effing clueless" about the whole thing. I have seen enough of America's Next Top Model to wear my highest heels and bring a head shot.

My second walk was MUCH better than my first and by the time the whole thing was over I didn't know whether to race home to binge on my Ben & Jerry's ice cream or to try to force-vomit the last 3 days worth of meals out. If I thought the Skinny Bitch back in January was a self-image killer... I don't know what made me think that my ego would survive a fashion cattle call in one piece.

All that doesn't matter because The Designer wants more real bodies in her show and she likes my look. The show is Friday the 25th... just 3 weeks away! Multiple designers will be showcased there and it's free.. so... please come out and support local fashion... and yours truly!

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Rhys Ziemba said...

Your recent posts are super funny and I hope your life is wonderful.