Friday, April 8, 2011

Drummer Boy

Not to brag or sound "show-off-y" or anything..... but..... a pretty cool thing happened with the Orchestra this season. We got a new drummer. I'm pretty stoked when ANYONE joins the group and am even further enthused when they stick around, which he has. And he's good to boot! More importantly he's always at rehearsal. Probably because he never gets stuck in Traffic...BECAUSE He's the one of the Traffic Guys for WDAF Fox 4!!!

Oh that's right. The Kansas City Symphony (you know... THOSE guys... the ones that are professional and get paid....) can have Byran Busby. I don't want to start a local network newsman battle here on MHIBTY. For those not in the area, The Chief Meteorologist at a competing station plays the tymphony drums for the KC Symphony

Don't get me wrong. I love Bryan Busby. I know more about this local weatherman than I do some of my own cousins. He has been a fixture in all-things-weather for me since before I can remember. He's a lovable guy and I'm pretty sure his Teddy Bear charm comes naturally to him. One day while on one of our Friday Lunch Dates, Sabrina received a text from her husband (who is a chef) "I just made lunch for Bryan Busby!" That's pretty awesome in my book. For as much as I love the big BB, I'm loving Bill Hurrelbrink.

I mean...He wore a vest to our concert tonight.

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