Friday, April 29, 2011

She's Crafty!

I got this knit top at a clothing swap a few months ago. It's super soft. There was a TEENY tiny hole in it at the time and I told myself that I would mend it

 After going through one wash cycle, 6 LARGE holes appeared (thanks to the attached bejeweled necklace).
In the past I've thrown away clothes that have holes or stains. I decided this time to try my hand at "reusing" the shirt and fix it by creating something new. So I pulled out my craft box.

The shirt is just a plain ivory, a blank pallet. I went with peaches and browns, stuff I already had on hand (double bonus that this project didn't require me to buy anything!).

Oh yeah, and I took of the neck piece. Hole making b@stard.

I then cut out varies size circles of my fabric. I used a coaster, a cup and a container of lotion to trace around. I cut out about 15, but I didn't use all of them.

I then hand stitched them in a pseudo random pattern, first making sure the holes were covered and then going back and balancing the entire look.

OF COURSE I had to add buttons.

The back. Two holes there too.
Completely original new shirt!


Bill Wabbit said...

Who's that hot model you got for the pic?

Natasha said...

It's me! I know, I'm shocked too.

The Happy Chance said...

How creative! I love how you took a holey shirt and made it into something that you can wear.

Nilufar said...

I see we are channeling Martha this week. Great job.

Mothers Day Gift said...

Hey that was pretty neatly done. I guess mos people would have thrown it away after going from 1 hole to six