Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Funny Valentine

I have a big gigantic crush on Frank Sinatra. I'm not sure when it happened. Somewhere between signing up for my Wheel Watcher Spin! I.D. and learning to crochet, I developed a deep love and admiration for him. Dean Martin too. It just feels right.

For the love of the Rat Pack!!! I agreed to take Sammy Davis Jr in LARGELY because of his name. I thought that having a cat named after Frank & Dean's buddy would somehow channel their spirit into my life. And I haven't been disappointed there - just for the record.

If someone out there wants to send me a print of this...

...I'd love you for it. And I would maybe even do something nice for you in return.

But in the mean time I can be satisfied with my very own member of the rat pack. Here's looking at you, kid!


Freno said...

The rat pack <3

Marlee said...

Hello! My grandfather was Frank Fanelli, and italian singer. He sang with Frank Sinatra a few times. We have a picture in our house of my grandmother sitting at a table with Elizabeth Taylor, they are so beautiful they look like sisters!

Frank is definitely remembered in our family!