Friday, December 5, 2008

A date with my doctor

I don’t worry myself with crossing any sort of line, but if I did I’d be concerned about what I am going to write about today.

Tomorrow I have a “lady” doctor appointment. I am a little bit nervous and I’d be lying little if I said that I wasn’t a little bit excited.

First, the nerves. I don’t know why I always get nervous. It isn’t that painful and there are far MORE painful things that could be happening down there, so I shouldn’t be complaining. I guess it is more of an insecurity issue with me. I wonder if I am being compared against others. And if so, how am I sizing up? Are letter grades were going to be passed out? Is there any way to get extra credit?

I’m going to take a moment and brag (such a departure from my normal ways, I know), but I am a clean and well kept person. There is NO NEED to be nervous. I have to believe that my doctor has seen some scary business and that I will just be another run-of-the-mill “flower” to her. I guess part of me wants some sort of verbal confirmation. A “Looking Good!” or maybe a “Niiiiice” when she’s poking around wouldn't hurt.

And now, on to the excited part. Tomorrow will be the first time in a long time that I’m going to have “company downstairs” if you know what I mean. I don’t think I run the risk of becoming emotionally attached, but do you guys think it would be weird if I asked her to tell me I am pretty before she starts?


rubigimlet said...

since it's a chick doc, i'm not sure if there is a chance for extra credit, but you could sure try.
and i totally agree on the commentary. in fact, i'm riffing on this on my b-log too

Stevester said...

My doctor tells me I'm pretty, and then we re-enact that scene with the pottery from Ghost, which is awkward, because I think he's married.